4 Steps to Enhance Your BBL Results

To Squat or Not to Squat?

One of the most common questions BBL patients ask is “What can I do to enhance my results?”

I went straight to the source for the answer, Dr. Michael Rodriguez @drmagicmike, “Lots of patients ask me what they can do to enhance their results”.

1. Begin walking the day after surgery.

At least 5 minutes every hour right after surgery, then increasing time and intensity. Walking is recommended to ensure healthy blood flow to the new fat. Avoid strenuous exercise during the recovery period.

2. Gluteal Rest and Lifestyle.

Rodriguez says that results are directly related to the patient’s characteristics before surgery like bad lifestyle habits.

Observing gluteal rest (no sitting!) and following your post-op instructions is key. The fat that was grafted to the buttocks needs good circulation to survive, which is why patients are told not to sit or sleep on their back.

3. Don’t lose weight!

Rodriguez says there’s no need to stop cardio altogether, but try focus on body weight movements instead, like squats and lunges.

Avoid seated exercises like rowing or cycling, for 6 months.

On average about 60% of the grafted fat survives. But once the surviving fat cells have established their blood supply, the fat is there to stay!

4. Make fitness a priority after you heal.

After the fat has established a blood supply, hit the gym! Eat well and take good care of yourself and your surgeon’s work will be with you for life.

“There’s no question that with your help that’s how we get the best results. Before surgery, during the post-op, and after recovery with diet and exercise. All my results look better, with your help.” -Dr. Michael Rodriguez, is a cosmetic surgeon in Miami, FL. Get to know him here and here

In the Life After the BBL series we explore topics unique to patients who undergo Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery. No 2 patients are alike and your experience may be different. Always consult a board certified plastic surgeon.

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