BBL Post- Op with Dr. Michael Rodriguez

“Why do you need massages after your BBL?”-Patient, FAQ

The purpose of these massages is to eliminate swelling, before the fluid hardens and becomes fibrosis. Fibrosis causes areas treated with liposuction to look lumpy or rippled.

Simply put, having post-surgical massages compliments the beautiful work done by the surgeon.

Massage is recommended following our most popular procedures:

Swelling After Plastic Surgery

Swelling, bruising, and pain are a normal part of the recovery process. The swelling is due to the trauma from surgical equipment movement, the body’s natural response of inflammation to activate the healing process.

Compression Garments Accomplish Goals!

Get snatched and STAY SNATCHED! By keeping consistent, gentle but firm pressure on areas treated with lipo, you prevent rippling and scar formation. The compression garments AKA the "Faja" can enhance the outcome of your procedure, accelerate healing all while keeping you patient comfortable and the treated area safe.