Big Booty Boot Camp🍑

No need to spend hours searching “how to get a bigger butt” when you can follow this actionable guide and get awesome results.

Give it your best and you will earn those enviable glutes! 😉

These exercises should be challenging but doable. Once they are no longer challenging it is time to add weight.

To get the maximum benefit, don’t rush through the reps, do the exercises properly with controlled movements, feel the tension and burn. This alone can really enhance your results.

Do all of the required sets and reps and don’t cheat! You can always fool yourself but you can’t fool the booty. 💪

Be honest with yourself and don’t rush, instead, take your time to perform the moves.

BBL Workout

Focus on intensifying each movement, like squatting lower/deeper.

When the movements are no longer challenging, it’s time to add weights, or join a gym. The machines at a gym which are effective at isolating muscles.

After about 3 months (depending on your fitness level) you should decrease your reps and go as heavy as possible.