Fat Transfer Procedure Miami

Some people shy away from the idea of plastic surgery, misguided in the belief that in the end they will be burdened by unnatural results that they will have to live with for the rest of their lives. Those who have had plastic surgery or who work in the field know that this is simply not true. While the first years of plastic surgery did see procedures with less-than-perfect results, the process has been perfected over the decades—procedures have been developed to give patients results that look and feel as natural as possible.

Several procedures were developed out of a desire by surgeons to make the body appear as natural as possible. One of those was fat transfer, which has now become one of the most common plastic surgery procedures used by surgeons to enhance the body’s natural curves. It has such a natural appearance that it can be difficult to believe someone had it done—that is, until you see the before and after photographs. A fat transfer can benefit almost anyone, no matter what they are looking for.

What Makes Fat Transfers Superior?

Unlike other materials such as Restylane or Radiesse, fat transfer is all natural. It uses tissues from the other parts of your body to add extra volume where fat is lacking. While both Restylane and Radiesse can be used to great effect to plump up your lips or to get rid of crow’s feet, they are for the most part only temporary fixes, and must be re-administered every so often for continued results. Unless you experience significant weight gain or loss, the fat that is relocated will not be going anywhere.

Because you are using all natural fat from your own body, the shape that you get is also a lot softer and more natural than you might get from an implant.

Many patients choose to receive buttock fat transfers, which give their butt a bit of extra padding and roundness without the use of implants, which can look and feel very unnatural in the region of the buttocks and should only be used in extreme cases. This procedure is commonly known as a Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL. A BBL gives patients’ derrieres a natural lift and added fullness, so they will look great in their favorite pair of jeans. And when they choose to hit the beach, there will be scar to keep hidden, as is often the case with a breast implant.

What Doctors Do During a Fat Transfer

The proper name for the procedure is “autologous fat transfer”, and as you might have guessed the first stage of the operation is the removal of fat from one area of the body so that it can be transferred to another. Because the fat needs to come from somewhere, fat transfers are often one of multiple procedures being performed on a patient at the same time. Most often, fat transfers are used in conjunction with liposuction. The fat that is removed during a cosmetic liposuction procedure to thin out one area of the body is usually just enough to add fullness elsewhere. The two procedures used in coordination can produce big results and give patients the curves that they desire, without making them look like a plastic surgery nightmare.

Other than swelling, bruising, and discomfort, the recovery time for a fat transfer surgery in Miami is minimal. Because the fat used in the procedure comes from your own body, you do not have to worry about your body reacting to or rejecting the material. If the only procedure you are getting is liposuction and a fat transfer, you should be able to return to work within a couple of days. If you choose to get a fat transfer in the area of your face, however, it can take a little longer, so patients are urged to consult with the doctors about recovery to minimize the amount of time they are taken out of commission.

A free consultation at Lux Body will help you learn everything you need to know about the procedure, and will give you an idea of what the procedure can do for you. They can help you decide how a fat transfer can transform your body and make it look exactly the way you want it, while still looking as fresh and natural as you already do.