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Miami Chin Augmentation Surgery (Mentoplasty)

Mother Nature does not always hit her mark. If you are unhappy with your chin because it does not appear to be proportionate to the rest of your face, a chin augmentation is your solution. Chin augmentation, also called mentoplasty, is a procedure performed by Lux Body Plastic Surgery in Miami. It is one of the more technical and advanced plastic surgeries and requires advanced knowledge and modern equipment that you will find at Lux. When you make an appointment for your free consultation with your cosmetic surgeon, you are on your way to improving the overall appearance of your face.

The Consultation

During your consultation, the doctor will evaluate your chin, take photos for reference, and go over the options available. The doctor will also ask you what you want from the surgery. He will talk to you about body image and how this can play a role in your results.

Your plastic surgeon will make sure you understand that your chin augmentation is meant to enhance your appearance, not totally change your looks. You will also learn that your cosmetic surgeon will work to make sure you have the results you want.

Prior to moving forward with surgery, the doctor will go over the various approaches to your case. He will explain the different factors that can affect the outcome. The elasticity of your skin, your overall health, the amount of cartilage and bony structure in your chin and how much tissue your body has that it can use are all significant role players.

The Procedure

Mentoplasty is typically performed under general anesthesia. You can have this procedure as an outpatient; however, if you are undergoing multiple procedures, you may want to stay in the hospital. There is no one specific procedure used in a mentoplasty. The doctor will go over what is being done prior to the actual procedure. Most techniques involve a small incision inside the lower lip. This incision is where the rubber prosthesis will be placed in order to enhance the chin. This is one of many methods used in mentoplasty.

The procedure used will depend on the desired outcome. For example rubber prosthesis may be inserted to create a more prominent chin. On the other hand, if the chin is too prominent, procedures may be used to scale back the size of the chin.

After your procedure, you will have to stay in recovery until the anesthesia wears off and you are awake. When you wake up, your chin will be taped; however, you will be allowed to go home. Typical instructions from your doctor require you to sleep with your head in an upright position and use ice packs to help reduce the swelling. You will also be told not to eat solid foods for at least three days. You can get your nourishment from liquid protein drinks using a straw.

After the first two to three days, you should notice the swelling and bruising begin to subside. You may experience some discomfort, depending on your level of pain tolerance. However, you will be prescribed pain medications. You should only take them as needed.

Your doctor will advise you on how long you need to rest at home. However, the suggested time is at least seven days. You should not return to exercise and strenuous activities for at least four to six weeks. You have to keep in mind that all patients are different, and you may heal faster or slower. Your doctor is your best source of advice and information concerning your progress.

If the information here has inspired you to take action, Lux Body Plastic Surgery in Miami is waiting for your call. During your fee consultation, you will learn what chin augmentation can do to improve how you feel about yourself and your appearance!

*Legal Disclaimer: Individual results may vary; every patient is unique, therefore, no single technique is suited to all cases. Before & after photos and videos are not guarantees that your results will be the same or even similar: each individual patient’s results will be different.
*Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.