Keep the Body Tight and the Booty Right🍑

HERE Dr. Michael Rodriguez says working out after a BBL is the best way to take your results to the next level.

I went above and beyond for you (like always💖), and spoke to Thomas Reily, a certified personal trainer and Head Coach at Orangetheory Fitness™. He has been in the Miami fitness game for over 10 years.

May the tummy get flatter and the booty get fatter 🙌

“It is totally possible to target the butt, thighs, hips, and abdomen without causing fat loss”, says Reily, “Dynamic exercises like squats, lunges, and kickbacks help keep the butt sitting nice and high, and the thighs toned. Add an ab routine to keep the core strong and the waist cinched. A simple routine can be done really anywhere in under 30 minutes.”

Worried about losing weight? Eat More!

If you’re worried about losing weight, Thomas says to add between 150-500 calories on days you are working out, depending on the intensity.

“But I don’t want to look 👀 bulky” – YOU

“Soooooo many of my female clients worry about becoming ‘too big’. Working out with weights adds definition and strength, not “bulk”! By focusing on the targeted areas, my clients can stay looking toned or ‘snatched’ without looking too muscular.”

Keep the body tight and the booty right!

Thomas wrote us a 30-minute Big Booty Boot Camp you can do anywhere. No BBL required.

Now go forth and DROP IT LIKE A SQUAT!😉