How to Travel to Miami for Plastic Surgery

Traveling to Miami for plastic surgery is soooo common. We constantly see patients from Ohio, New York,  Virginia, and Alabama, some even as far as Canada. And it’s no wonder, our fair city has lots to offer! Boasting year-round sunshine, world-class plastic surgeons, and competitive pricing, people from all over the world choose to have their procedures here.

All plastic surgery requires planning ahead, especially when traveling. We have put together some insider tips for all who travel to Miami for plastic surgery. Read on, we put together a step-by-step guide complete with surgical timelines to help you plan for success!

Step 1. First things first, Do Your Homework
Research online, inquire on Real Self Communities, look at before and after photos, and take advantage of free online consultations.

Achieving the best results really depends on 2 factors:

  1. Choosing the right plastic surgeon. Researching the surgeon’s credentials and experience is important. Getting to know their surgical “style” is also important, so spend time stalking them on social media and scrolling through their before and after galleries.
  2. Your commitment to the recovery process. Plastic surgery is REAL surgery. Recovery can be painful, uncomfortable, and unsightly. The recovery phase is also the most delicate, so it is important to follow post-operative instructions to the letter.

Step 2. Before Scheduling Your Surgery Date
So you did your research and found the right plastic surgeon, time to lock in a date for surgery right? Not quite.

Most plastic surgery patients save for months before finally being able to book their procedure. Protect your investment, and take a few steps to protect your investment before you schedule.

  1. Know your BMI. Short for Body Mass Index, this weight-to-height ratio is used to determine whether you are a candidate for surgery.
  2. Know your surgeon’s maximum allowable BMI. Most surgeons have a maximum BMI threshold. Patients with high a BMI are instructed to lose enough weight to fall within a range considered safe for surgery.

Dr. James Worrell -36

Dr. John Sampson -37

Dr. Mario Reyes-Serrano -34

Dr. J.C. Suarez -30

  1. Commit to keeping your weight stable. Gaining weight may disqualify you from surgery.
  2. Stop using tobacco products NOW.
  3. Make a list of past and present health conditions. Had asthma as a child? Anemia 10 years ago? List every hospitalization and all conditions.
  4. List all medication you take regularly. Include prescriptions, over the counter medication, and birth control.
  5. MONEY. Have extra cash for unforeseen expenses. After surgery you will need money to buy prescription medication, you may need an extra post-surgical garment, food delivery from Uber eats, or other expenses which may arise.

Go to the doctor. If you haven’t had a checkup in a while, have a one before you schedule. Let your doctor know you are considering having cosmetic surgery. Although you will need to return to your doctor for pre-operative testing and medical clearance, it is wise to have a checkup before you commit to a surgery you may not be a candidate for.

Step 3. Book your surgery! But not your flight.
Your BMI is within range, and you don’t have anything in your medical history which may preclude you from surgery.

Time to lock in a price and date by making an initial deposit. This is the time to explore financing options.

Do not book your flight without being cleared for surgery.

We realize that waiting to book your flight may mean the price may go up. Do not book your flight until you’re CLEARED BY THE SURGEON.

Based on the results of your pre-operative testing, the surgeon may decide more testing is needed, which will may mean your date gets pushed back. Booking a non-refundable flight early may cost more in the long-run.

Step 4. Welcome to the Pre-Operative Phase
You are now in the delicate pre-operative phase, usually about 30-45 days before the big day. This is a busy time!

Your pre-operative coordinator will send you:

  1. Pre-operative Testing Requirements - A form detailing the tests required. These can be arranged through your primary care physician, or at a testing facility such as Lab Corp.Test results are due 2-29 days prior to the scheduled surgery date.
  2. Medical Clearance Form-  To be completed by your primary doctor. Medical Clearance is due 2-29 days prior to the scheduled surgery date.

All testing should be completed in your home town, not more than 30 days prior to your scheduled surgery date. Results are expired at day 30, meaning you have to start testing all over again.

During your appointments make sure to ask when the results will be sent to the surgeon.

It is YOUR responsibility to ensure results are received on time.

Step 5 – Finalize Travel Arrangements
Once the surgeon clears you for surgery, it’s time to book your flight! You will be required to attend a pre-operative appointment the day before surgery.

Schedule your arrival to Miami International Airport no later than 8:30 AM on the day of your pre-operative appointment. Once you have your bags, you can head straight to your pre-operative appointment.

So... what day should you schedule your return flight?

The return date varies by procedure, and can change at the discretion of your surgeon. At Lux Cosmetic Surgery, ALL patients are required to attend a post-operative appointment the day after surgery, and a final follow up the day before flying home.

Here’s a general recovery timeline based on our most popular procedures:

  1. Brazilian Butt Lift BBL – 5-7 days
  2. Tummy Tuck – 5-7 days
  3. Mommy Makeover – 5-7 days
  4. Breast lift – 4-5 days
  5. Breast Augmentation – 4-5 days
  6. Facelift – 3-4 days

Schedule your flight home no later than mid-day, allowing one final night’s rest and plenty of time to prepare for the flight.

At Lux Cosmetic Surgery all procedures are performed on an outpatient basis, which means that patients are discharged the same day of surgery.

Patients must arrange a companion over age 18 to drive them the day of surgery, and stay overnight for a minimum of 24 hours.

We encourage you to consider staying at a recovery facility, where you can rest and recover while being cared for by medically trained staff.

Most of these facilities will take care of details like picking up prescription medication, arranging massage appointments, transportation, and meals.

Pack Like Pro
Make yourself as comfortable as possible. Recovering from surgery involves bruising, oozing, swelling, pain, and difficulty moving. Pack these items to help ease the first few days after your procedure.

• Comfortable, loose fitting clothing. Not just for the day of surgery, but for the days to follow. Go up a dress size as you may experience swelling. Choose tops and gowns which fasten in the front, as pulling clothes over-head may impossible.

• Long, smooth tank tops. To wear between gauze and compression garments.

• Slides and slippers. Following surgery, you will not be able to bend over to tie your shoes, so have comfortable slip on shoes.

• Female patients: Consider a female urinary device, like the Go Girl, to enable you to relieve yourself without squatting which may be difficult after some procedures.

• Something to keep you busy. Bring a good book, learn to crotchet, and bring a long charger cable for your devices.

Your surgical facility of choice will provide detailed instructions from your surgeon, tailored specifically to you.

Why Lux Cosmetic Surgery?
We have great surgeons on staff, seasonal specials, and super simple financing options. Lux Cosmetic Surgery has an impeccable safety record, thanks not only to our surgeons, but to our knowledgeable staff.

From the first point of contact through post-operative care, our warm and friendly staff ensures patients are well-informed regarding every aspect of their procedure.

Conveniently located in the heart of the city, Lux Cosmetic Surgery is a mere 4.8 miles away from Miami International Airport (MIA). Our facility is flanked by several hotels, as well as recovery facilities for your convenience. It is our pleasure to assist patients make arrangements for post-operative care.

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